Quality Control | Magic Plant Farms is a Global leader in the Chili Pepper/Capsicum industry

Quality Control

Magic Plant Farms is a Global leader in the Chili Pepper/Capsicum industry.  Magic Plant farms adheres to the highest levels of Food Safety and adheres to international technological standards.  We are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) third party audited on an annual basis.  We are also available to be audited by our customers, many whom are regarded as world leaders in food production and distribution.

Purity and Authenticity
As a responsible supplier, Magic Plant Farms complies with the highest industry standards and guarantees the purity of authenticity of every product it sells. The authenticity of food products needs to be guaranteed in order to maintain consumer confidence in the food industry. Research shows that herbs and spices, including Capsicum products, have been prone to food fraud for a long time.

Magic Plant Farms maximizes our efforts to establish the purity of your products and therefore extensively analyses our raw materials.

Controlled Processes
Magic Plant Farms opts for a deep understanding and control of our supply chain, and transparency towards our customers in the sourcing, processing and delivery of our Capsicum products. To that end we purchase our stock via contract from  countries of origin, and collaborate with the local producers in each country or origin to optimize our yields and quality of the Capsicum products.

Magic Plant Farms has an extended Supply Base Management system (Grower/processor approval procedure, Grower/processor audit program and Control plans for incoming goods) to assure high quality and ethical behavior in the supply chain. We evaluate and test the source and purity of our stock extensively, guaranteeing the highest quality Capsicum products possible and all blends derived from them. We aspire to the highest quality standards and supply our products with clear and complete information on their composition and material specifications.

Product Quality
Magic Plant Farms focuses on providing exceptional, authentic, highly sought after, and sometimes unusual Capsicum products intended for a diverse range of product applications. We always strive to deepen our product knowledge in order to supply our customers with high-quality, pure Capsicum products.

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