How to grow chili peppers

Hot Peppers require hot temperatures to grow in. This means you need to grow them starting in late spring or even early summer if you don’t want to use artificial means, to make sure it’s hot enough for them to sprout.If you want to grow them earlier or in the winter, you may need to heat the soil yourself.
The top of a warm refrigerator for the first seven days (or until you see some sprouts), or a germination mat will suffice.

Suggested germination temperatures range from 95 F(35) to 100 F(37.7C).This can be accomplished with a heating pad under the planter or by simply placing the pot containing the seed on a windowsill with southern exposure.When germinating seed in the can, water thoroughly the first time, then re-water when top of planting material is dry.The soil should be kept moist but not wet or damp off disease will result.

Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle into your garden or into roomy pots.

Your peppers will need fertilizer to grow big and strong. Once there are a couple leaves, begin to give them appropriate fertilizer, such as fish emulsion.After 6 leaf sets appear, occasionally add a bit more calcium to the fertilizer at one-month intervals for maximum fruit set.You may also add crushed eggshells to the planting hole.

Extended temperatures above 95F (35C) will cause blossom drop or aborting of recently set fruit.Too much nitrogen produces a weak spindly plant.This is a pepper plant that can be pruned (if desired) to produce a compact bush.

Your plants are susceptible to aphids and other insects and diseases.Appropriate eradication measures must be taken if infested.
Transplanting: Wait until the seedlings have 4 leaves before transplanting. Dig deep when getting the seedling out of the can to transplant because the roots go straight down. Scoop down twice as deep as the plant is above the ground. They need to grow inside for 8-10 weeks before planting outside, and they take 160-180 days from planting to harvest. So calculating the time needed for germination and inside growth you need to start 12-16 weeks before you plan spring planting, then an additional 5-6 months for harvest. Total time can be 9-10 months start to finish. These chili peppers take a long time but are definitely worth it if you like hot chili peppers. You may start the plants any time of year and keep them in pots with room for growth because Chilies are perennials and will grow and bear fruit for several years if not subjected to cold/freezing temperatures.

All suggestions above are subject to the environmental conditions in which the plant is grown.Growing conditions in 1 location are definitely different than growing conditions in other locations.

The germination time can be anywhere from 10-25 days

CAUTION: Wash hands after handling – pepper seeds can irritate skin and eyes.