The world of pepper mashes, purees, and pastes is truly a varied and exciting one. You will find that any type of pepper can be made into a mash through a natural fermentation process, from bell peppers and Fresno peppers to jalapeño peppers and habanero peppers. The end result is a concentrated flavor burst that can be added to a variety of recipes, including sauces, marinades, soups, stews, curries, stir fry, roasts, pasta, or whatever you’d like! You can even mix and match them to create interesting combinations. But be sure to only use a small amount; a little goes a long way!

Here, we have listed some of the most popular pepper mashes and pastes that we sell, along with a brief description of each type.

Aji Amarillo

Aji Amarillo is a popular ingredient used in Peruvian cooking. The large-sized orange chili peppers are commonly used to make the popular Aji Amarillo pepper mash and sauce.

Heat Scale

The Aji Amarillo pepper is hot but tends to be on the milder side compared to our other chili peppers. On the Scoville scale, the pepper is around 30,000–50,000 SHUs. The burn is gentle and not overwhelming.


The Aji Amarillo pepper is a delight to eat, especially because of its fruity flavor. It is sweet and slightly tart in taste. If you turn the pepper into a paste, you get a really nice savory-sweet combination that has a rich velvety texture and is highly aromatic.

Recipes and Uses

You can add the Aji Amarillo paste to many dishes, such as sauces, roasted chicken and vegetables, stews, and of course traditional dishes like lomo saltado, causa rellena con pollo, and papa a la huancaína.

Aji Amarillo 400 | Magic Plant Farms

Aji Amarillo

9oz Jar Aji Amarillo Paste / Mash / Puree

Aji Panca

The Aji Panca is a burgundy-colored pepper and grows to a length between 3 and 5 inches. It is commonly found in Peru and is comparatively less spicy than many other peppers.

Heat Scale

The heat scale of the Aji Panca is around 500–1,500 SHUs, which makes it very mild. The fresh peppers can be eaten whole without causing a burning sensation.


The Aji Panca is surprisingly complex in flavor. You’ll note hints of blueberry, smoke, and citrus, making it sweet and fruity.

Recipes and Uses

The Aji Panca is commonly made into fermented pepper mash, dried, or minced to be used as a condiment. It makes for a great milder sauce but can add flavor depth to soups, stews, and fish dishes. You can also use the fermented peppers to make jams.

Aji Panca 400 | Magic Plant Farms

Aji Panca | Panca Pepper

9oz Jar Aji Panca Paste / Mash / Puree

Carolina Reaper

The Carolina Reaper is listed as one of the hottest peppers in the world. It was specifically engineered to be hotter than any other hot peppers, and yet has a surprising sweetness that makes it salient and ideal for sauces and spicy foods.

Heat Scale

The Carolina Reaper packs a major punch when it comes to its heat quotient. As per the Scoville scale, the heat ranges between 1,500,000 and 2,000,000 SHUs. It is certainly not for novice pepper eaters.


These chile peppers do have a very sweet and fruity flavor when they first hit your mouth. However, any sweet flavor is soon overtaken by a scorching heat that spreads to your throat, face, stomach, and beyond.

Recipes and Uses

It is not advisable to eat the Carolina Reaper pepper raw, ever. It is best to ferment peppers into a pepper mash and then use it with other ingredients. It’s suitable to use in a homemade hot sauce or salsa, but know it will still knock your socks off.

Carolina Reaper 400 | Magic Plant Farms

Carolina Reaper | Reaper Pepper

9oz Jar Carolina Reaper Paste / Mash / Puree

Ghost Pepper / Bhut Jolokia

The ghost pepper, known as bhut jolokia, is quite famous for being another one of the hottest peppers in the world. In 2007, it was listed as the hottest pepper in the world by the Guinness World Records. The Carolina Reaper has since taken the top spot.

Heat Scale

The Scoville scale registers the bhut jolokia as having a range between 855,000 and 1,041,427 SHUs.


Ghost peppers have a slow-building heat so you do get to experience some of the flavors before a burning sensation. They are known to taste sweet, fruity, and earthy.

Recipes and Uses

Fermented chili peppers of this kind make a spectacular mash that can be turned into hot sauces or added to a larger meal such as stew, chili, meat roast, and more. You could also dry whole ghost peppers and then use a food processor to turn them into powders and chili flakes.

Bhut Jolokia 400 | Magic Plant Farms

Ghost Pepper | Bhut Jolokia

9oz Jar Ghost Pepper Paste / Mash / Puree

Red Habanero | Mash Puree | Magic Plant Farms

Habanero Pepper

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Jalapeno | Mash Puree | Magic Plant Farms

Jalapeno Chili Pepper

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Jamaican Yellow Scotch Bonnet | Magic Plant Farms

Jamaican Yellow Scotch Bonnet | Scotch pepper

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Scorpion Pepper | Trinidad Scorpion

9oz Jar Scorpion Puree / Paste / Mash

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