Marash | Maras Pepper

Marash | Maras Pepper

Species:  n/a
Heat Level:   1,000 to 2,500 (SHU) Scoville heat units
Other names:  Maras peppers, Maras biberi, Turkish red peppers

Marash peppers are commonly used in Middle Eastern cuisine. Hailing from southeastern Turkey, this pepper is popular on native meat dishes such as kebabs, goat and chicken cuisine. They are usually sold as grounded red flakes and have a mild heat that is perfect for those with a sensitive pallet. Marash peppers are, furthermore, deliciously flavorsome with a fruity aroma and earthy taste. For maximum flavour, Marash peppers should be stored in a moist place once they are opened.

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Maras Powder

Maras Powder

Marash Pepper Flakes / Crushed

Marash Pepper Flakes / Crushed

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