Red Jalapeno Peppers

Red Jalapeno Pepper | Red Jalapeño

Species:  Capsicum annuum
Heat Level:  8,000 SHU (Scoville heat units)

While green jalapenos are among the most recognisable pepper in the world, they can also come in red. The only difference between a red jalapeno pepper and your common green jalapeno pepper is age. Green ones are freshly picked while red ones have aged for some time, at which point the color will change. However, it is not just the colour that changes. The age also gives it a bigger kick of around 8000 SHU and a sweeter taste.

Available Products

Red Jalapeno Paste

1gal Bucket of Red Jalapeno Mash / Puree / Paste | Red Jalapeno pepper Paste

Red Jalapeno Puree

5gal Bucket of Red Jalapeno Puree / Mash / Paste

Red Jalapeno Mash

55gal Drum of Red Jalapeno Paste / Puree / Mash

Jalapeno Powder | Jalapeno Chili Pepper

Red Jalapeno Powder | Red Jalapeno Pepper Powder

Jalapeno Flakes | Jalapeno Pepper Flakes

Red Jalapeno Flakes / Crushed | Red Jalapeno Pepper Flakes / Crushed

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