Calabrian Pepper

Calabrian Pepper | Calabrian Chili Pepper

Species: Capsicum Annuum
Heat Level:   3,500 to 8,000 (SHU) Scoville heat units

Calabrian peppers are Italian dried chilies that make a wonderful addition to most dishes. Named after the area in the southern part of Italy where they are native, these bulbous peppers have a fruity, smoky flavor. They have only a very mild spice meaning they can be used in everything from salads to stews. You simply have to rehydrate the pepper by letting it soak in hot water for ten minutes before cooking. Calabrian peppers can be easily stored in a cool dry place for up to two years.

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Calabrian Chili Powder

Calabrian Chili Powder

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Calabrian Chili Flakes / Crushed

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