Wiri Wiri | Cherry Peppers

Wiri Wiri | Cherry Bomb

Species:  Capsicum Frutescens
Heat Level:  60,000 to 80,000 SHU (Scoville heat units)

The Guyanese Wiri Wiri chili pepper is small and resembles a colorful cherry in appearance. But don’t let that surprise you as it is a tiny, but hot pepper. Its heat rivals that of the Scotch Bonnet and Habanero.

The Guyanese use is as a staple in their daily cuisine, for everything from hot sauce to flavoring dishes to making peppered rum.

Available Products

9o Jar Cherry Bomb Pepper Mash / Puree / Paste

Cherry Bomb Chili

1gal Bucket of Wiri Wiri Mash / Puree / Paste

Cherry Bomb

5gal Bucket of Wiri Wiri Pepper Mash / Puree / Paste

Wiri Wiri Pepper

55gal Drum of Wiri Wiri Chili Mash / Puree / Paste

Wiri Wiri | Cherry Bomb

Wiri Wiri Whole Pods | Wiri Wiri Chili

Wiri Wiri Pepper Powder

Wir Wiri Chili Powder

Cherry Bomb Flakes | Wiri Wir Flakes

Cherry Bomb Flakes / Crushed

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