There are many steps and processes to getting a product from the farm to the consumer. We believe that each step should be visible and controlled. This is the essence of food traceability.

What is traceability?

According to the FDA, traceability is being able to follow a food product and all of its ingredients through the supply chain. This includes every step along the way, forward and backward in the production cycle. Traceability is vital to the food industry primarily due to food safety issues. But over the last few years, it’s become even more important to consumers. In general, people have become more aware of where their food products originated and how it is processed. Having a transparent process ensures consumers of what is in their food and how it was made.

How Magic Plant Farms Ensures Traceability

Think about the chili products available from Magic Plant. A lot has happened before one of our products reaches a client. Pepper seeds were planted, nourished, and harvested. Once the peppers are harvested, they are brought to the factory to be processed, packed, and shipped. You might say we are obsessed with the quality of our pepper products. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality products all along the way from the seed to the crop and beyond. We ensure consumers that every pepper that enters and leaves our plant is traceable. First off, we ensure peppers are true to type, processed using hygiene best practices, and that they contain no allergens or dangerous chemicals as we do not want potentially contaminated food to reach our clients. We carefully monitor and control every stage of the pepper cycle so you can feel safe when using our products.

It all starts with the seedling. Just like all other types of plants, it’s the start of the product’s journey. We carefully select seeds to preserve true phenotypes for our consumers. After carefully selecting the seeds, they are planted in nurseries at locations around the globe. When the seedlings are about six weeks old, they are moved to a plot of land where farming families nurture them as they grow.

At Magic Plant Farms, we work with farmers in their region to be trained in best growing practices which include disease and pest control, phytosanitary measures, and fertilization procedures.

The hot pepper plants begin to bear fruit in about two to six months, depending on the pepper type. Farmers then harvest the peppers and deliver them to a certified processing facility. These steps are carefully completed time and time again to ensure that you, the consumer, get a fresh, high-quality pepper product every single time.

How do you like your peppers?

Whether you like your chili peppers in a mash, pureed, dried, flaked, or smoked, we use the same quality assurance guidelines and follow the same processing steps every time regardless of the location the peppers are grown or processed in. Our company is devoted to constant improvement and rigorous supply chain management to ensure you get high-quality products that are traceable during food production, processing, and distribution. Our team observes the strictest control procedures and meets or exceeds the highest industry standards. We take the process seriously and have obtained our GMP/ HACCP certification to back it up. We are more than eager to talk to you about all your hot pepper needs!