You may have found that Carolina Reaper peppers online are the hottest peppers in the world according to the Guinness world records. This may lead you to wonder what exactly you can use these peppers for. Carolina Reaper peppers have several different uses but we are going to focus on the five most common ones. 

1. Hot Sauce

The popularity of peppers, especially the hot ones, has grown over time due to various online challenges. This has led to an increase in the making of hot sauces. 

Moreover, many hot sauce companies want to claim they have the hottest sauce on the market. But, they can only do so if they state the hot sauce includes the Carolina Reaper peppers online.

In fact, this is a small list compared to the number of hot sauces you can find that have incorporated the Carolina Reaper. 

2. Make Powders or Flakes

One of the most common uses of Carolina Reaper peppers is to make flakes and powders. Various dishes use these for seasoning. You can find these in some stores and online. 

3. Food Dishes

carolina reaper peppers usesA hint of spice can take any dish to the next level. Many restaurants and chefs like to add some spice to their dishes. This can often lead to more sales and guests at their establishments. 

The Carolina Reaper is not just for professional use. They can be used at home for any dish or meal. Furthermore, it is especially popular in Mexican dishes.

Just be sure that whoever is going to eat the dish can handle the heat. Even when cooked, the Carolina Reaper can cause extreme heat to your mouth and body. 

4. Insanity Wings

Chicken wings are an all-time favorite throughout the United States. So, it’s no wonder that there are various types of wing spices. Both online and in-person you will find insanity wing eating contests. There are even television shows based on eating the hottest wings imaginable. 

With the Carolina Reaper being the hottest according to the Guinness world records of 2013, the hottest wings on the menu will need to include Carolina Reaper peppers in some form. If you search for Carolina Reaper peppers online you will be sure to find videos on videos of insanity wing challenges based on the pepper.   

5. Pepper Eating Contests

Wings are not the only challenges that you will find when you search for Carolina Reaper peppers online. In fact, there are also pepper-eating contests. These are often found locally at fairs and carnivals as well. Oftentimes contestants do not even make it to the top where the Carolina Reaper is. Furthermore, they will tap out much sooner than that. 

The Carolina Reaper has been known to cause excruciating pain when consumed. 

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