Carolina Reaper flakes are a cross breed of red habanero pepper and ghost pepper, which provides them a sweet and fruity flavor. 

Since it is the hottest pepper in the world the heat hits you immediately and causes you to sweat. You will also feel intense pain in your mouth that most people find unbearable after consumption. This pain typically subsides after ten minutes in most cases.

The World’s Hottest Pepper

Carolina Reaper flakes have an average Scoville Heat (SHU) rating of 1,500,000 SHU. In comparison, a bell pepper which is typically used in everyday cooking has a SHU rating of 0. This means a bell pepper has zero heat. Jalapeno pepper on average has a SHU rating of 2,500 to 6,000. On the hotter end are habanero peppers whose rates are between 160,000  to 300,000 SHU. As you can see, these peppers are nowhere near the SHU rating of the Carolina Reaper flakes. These peppers are also more accessible than the Carolina Reaper pepper. 

What Do They Look Like?

Carolina Reaper peppers have a distinctive look to them. They are bright red and medium-sized with the inside flesh having a shade of orange or white. The pepper also has a tail that is often compared to a wasp stinger. 

The tail portion is actually the part of the pepper with the least amount of heat. If you are daring enough to try the pepper, this is where you should start as it will give you a small taste of how hot the Carolina Reaper is. The hottest or spiciest part of the pepper is the inside top portion. You will feel the most heat around the seeds of the pepper. 

Seasons And Properties of The Carolina Reaper

The Carolina Reaper growing season is from late February to late November. Some of its common uses are insanity wings, chili, Mexican dishes, and super spicy dips. These peppers also carry twice the amount of Vitamin C compared to citrus fruits. 

Restaurants that want to have the hottest heat levels or want to add heat to a meal also use Carolina Reapers. They are also commonly seen in pepper-eating contests with most contestants never even making it to trying the Carolina Reaper.

Flakes vs Pepper

There are two ways you can add spice to your life, one is through the pepper and the other is through the Carolina Reaper flakes. There are several reasons why the flakes are a better option than the peppers. One reason is due to shipping costs. Peppers take up more space and therefore cost more to transport as opposed to flakes and powder which take up less space. 

Another reason flakes are a better option is because they are easier to use in pizza and pasta. The powder can sometimes go airborne and irritate the cook, with flakes this is not something to fear. Also, flakes add color to any dish. 

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