The Scorpion pepper is an exceptionally hot pepper that originates from Trinidad and Tobago. It has a 1.2 million Scoville Heat Units rating. It is not as hot as the Carolina Reaper which makes it more attractive to those who want to try something a little extra spicy but aren’t brave enough to try the hottest pepper in the world. 

Purchasing the Scorpion pepper wholesale online has been a common activity taking place recently. It has been infamous to creep on you and the spice does not hit you right away. It takes its time to build and is also easier to the tongue as it has a tender fruit life flavor. So, if you have an interest in purchasing this hot pepper, then continue reading below to learn more about the best places to buy it from.

Where Is the Scorpion Pepper Found?

As mentioned earlier, the Scorpion pepper is found in Trinidad and Tobago and is of the Capsicum chinense species. The breeder is Wahid Ogeer and it is being grown in the United States. They can grow in cold weather but the temperature must be just right so they are not ruined.

With it being grown in more places throughout the world, this pepper has become more accessible for those looking for a Scorpion pepper wholesale online. There is even another version of the Trinidad Scorpion pepper which originated in Annalise, Mississippi. 

As the pepper becomes more accessible we are sure that the creation of more versions of the pepper will happen. 

  • Retail Location

You can find these peppers in a variety of forms at various big-box retailers. Small retail stores may also carry the peppers. 

They can come in a variety of products like flakes, powder, and actual pepper. Whichever form you choose you must be ready for some spice in your dish. You should also keep in mind that this is not the best place to buy Scorpion peppers wholesale. 

  • Online Retailer

One of the best places to find Scorpion pepper wholesale online is by finding an online retailer. There are hundreds of retailers who offer peppers wholesale. You will need to ensure that it is an authentic Scorpion pepper and that it fits your needs. Buying it wholesale online comes with the consideration of shipping costs and quantity. 

You must be sure as to how many peppers you will need and in what form you will need them. Are you going to be using them for your restaurant business or a pepper eating contest? You will need to keep the uses in mind. 

  • Farms 

Some local farms may grow the popular Scorpion pepper. You may have to contact them individually while others may have an online presence where you can find out if they carry Scorpion peppers. There are also farmers’ markets where you can buy peppers of any kind from multiple farms. 

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