You may not realize that there are several forms that chili peppers can be made into. One of those is capsicum oleoresin pepper extract. This is not a hot sauce and is popular as one of the hottest oleoresins available. 

This extract is made by using a laboratory process that extracts the Capsaicin which is then gently heated until all that is left is the oily red concentration of Capsicum Oleoresin Pepper Extract. The main use for pepper extract is to control the heat level of the finished product. It is a flavoring agent in the culinary industry and helps make hot sauce or any other food hotter or milder. Whether it be your hot sauce factory or an upscale restaurant, you may have already had a meal with the extract included. 

The pepper extract is a dark red oily liquid; the packaging comes in 1,5 and 25kg containers. They typically come in aluminum bottles when you order from Magic Plant Farms. But, they can also come in other storage units depending on where you order them from. It has an 18-month shelf life if storage conditions are optimal. The ideal storage conditions would be in a cool, dry place protected from the light. Furthermore, full tightness of the container is a must. The capsicum oleoresin pepper extract that Magic Plant Farms supplies does not have Genetically Modified Organisms. 

Capsicum Oleoresin Pepper Extract Online

The best and often the easiest place to find capsicum pepper extract is online. There are not many suppliers for this item as it’s hard to produce high-quality capsicum oleoresin. Each retailer will have different offerings and their recipes may differ slightly. This pepper extract is one of the highest quality on the market. In fact, one bottle can reach Scoville heat units in the millions. It is no wonder why this pepper extract is popular in hot sauce brands that offer some of the spiciest foods. 

Local Market or Farm

Many local farms or markets may grow different peppers. They can then turn into different products like powders, flakes, and even pepper extract. You may be able to visit a local farm and inquire about the types of products they offer. If you do not live near any farms, there might be small local markets in your area that you can check out. These markets will sometimes carry products made by farmers in the area making it more accessible for those who do not live near them. 

Capsicum Oleoresin Pepper Extract on Magic Plant Farms 

Capsicum oleoresin pepper extract can also be found at Magic Plant Farms, we carry a variety of products made from our very own peppers. We have a network of farmers and suppliers making our products accessible all across the country and even the world. We can slightly adjust our extract per customer requirements when it comes to active principles and heat level. 

Buy Your Pepper Extract from Magic Plants Farms Today

Your options are near endless when you shop from us. But if you are looking for something other than capsicum oleoresin pepper extract and don’t see it directly in our shop, we will gladly work with you to create new concoctions. Contact Magic Plant Farms at 1-877-801-9733 to make your pepper dreams a reality.