Habanero peppers are famous for being on the hotter side of the scale. This has led to their popularity among culinary experts as well as everyday people trying to spice up their life. The habanero is fruity and sweet while also giving you that powerful kick of heat. Habanero pepper powder is versatile and can be used similarly to most other peppers. Here are the top five uses of Habanero pepper powder. 

1. Chili

Chili is short for chile con carne which translates to chili with meat. It is a Tex-Mex dish that originated in Latin America but has been modified in other parts of the world. Whether beans should or should not be included is a highly debated topic. But, one ingredient that should definitely stay is hot peppers. 

There are a few peppers that are commonly used in chili including the ancho pepper and cayenne. Although these peppers are commonly used they do not necessarily add heat to the dish. This is why habanero pepper powder is the best route to take when you want to add some considerable heat to your chili recipe. 

2. Taco Meat 

Taco Tuesday has become a staple in many households and restaurants across the country. It’s catchy and is a simple dish to make, plus who doesn’t love tacos?

 When you want to add some heat to enhance the taco meat, use habanero pepper powder. Taco meat is not typically spicy and you choose how hot or not you want it to be. Some people may initially try cayenne peppers and realize it is not quite enough heat. When you want that heat you have to go for the habanero powder. 

3. Hot Sauce

When trying to add heat to a dish, many cooks go directly for the hot sauce not realizing that they can take things up a notch by adding habanero pepper powder instead. 

Capsaicin is what makes peppers hot and the habanero pepper has a higher concentration than other peppers like cayenne or jalapeno. For those who are bold enough to make a homemade hot sauce you should not forget to add habanero powder. No matter the kind of hot sauce, Habanero pepper powder pairs well with it as it has a fruity and sweet flavor to it. 

4. Salsa

If you are looking to add some heat to your salsa then habanero powder is the way to go. It allows you to keep the consistency of the salsa while adding to the flavor. It also does not cause any unwanted moisture in your salsa. 

5. Buffalo Wings

Chicken wings are famous for their varying levels of heat. No matter which restaurant you go to or even which prepackaged wings at the grocery store you buy, you will have options when it comes to heat. 

Buffalo wings often use hot sauces but that does not always lead to a spicey experience. Also, there is also another downside to using sauce: the wings can turn out wet and soupy. When you use powder wings do not get soggy and you also get the heat you were asking for.

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