You may want to spice up your life and your food with some really hot peppers. A popular pepper that fits the bill would be ghost peppers. Ghost peppers used to hold the top spot for hottest peppers before they were passed by the Carolina Reaper pepper. The ghost pepper is rated at more than one million Scoville Heat Units. Since it is an exceptionally hot pepper it has garnered some popularity and it is no wonder why people are buying the ghost pepper wholesale online. There are many forms in which you can find the ghost pepper wholesale online. 

Ghost Pepper

The most common form that you will find a ghost pepper is the pepper itself. When ripe ghost peppers measure between 60 to 85 mm long and 25 to 30 mm wide. They can be red, yellow, orange, or chocolate colored. They are typically not smooth and have a rough, dented look to them. Its most popular usage is with pork or fermented or dried fish dishes. It adds a kick to any meal, however. 

Ghost Pepper Flakes

When you are looking for ghost pepper wholesale online, you will find that flakes are one of the best forms. A flake is a condiment style and comes in a small tube or container. It is essentially a pepper that has been crushed to bits. This makes it easier to use in some dishes like pizzas and pasta. 

Ghost Pepper Powder

Another popular form that ghost peppers come in is powder. The peppers dry up and they are ground into a powder form. Straining of the powder comes next in order to look for any big chunks. If any chunks are found, they are then ground until there is only a powder that remains from the original pepper. The powder can be used while cooking to add flavor to a dish or after cooking as a sprinkle. 

Ghost Pepper Seeds

The last way you can find ghost pepper wholesale online is in its seed form. You can either use the seeds to grow your own ghost peppers but you may also be able to eat them. If you do decide to find seeds to grow then you must prepare yourself for a long growing process as it can take up to 150 days for them to grow from planting to harvest. Complications may arise depending on where you live as you will need to have ideal conditions in order for the peppers to grow. 

Ghost Pepper Wholesale Online

There are many ways you can find ghost peppers online. You can buy them directly from farms and growers. You can also find them from big-box retailers and small retailers as well. Shipping the actual pepper may cost more as it takes up more space. Most commonly, flakes and powder are the way to go when shopping wholesale. 

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