HarissaPopular Uses of Harissa Powder

Harissa powder makes a wonderful addition to soups and stews but can be used just like any other condiment. The North African cuisine includes a combination of harissa and olive oil where it becomes a flavorful dip for fresh bread. It is commonly added to sauces or oils to use on roasted vegetables, or it can be used in making rubs or marinades. Virtually any cuisine can benefit from its flavor and heat.

Explore the complex flavor of the middle east with the Magic Plant Harissa powder. makes a wonderful addition to pizza, pasta, fish, soups, stews, marinades, roasted vegetables, rubs, salads and more.  Harissa is an Integral part of Mediterranean cuisine and has a unique flavorful value that can be used with almost everything. The middle east cuisine enjoys it in combination with olive oil where it becomes a flavorful dip for fresh bread, fries, and shawarma.

Ideas for Using Harissa Powder in Your Favorite Recipes

It’s easy to use Harissa powder to give your favorite recipes a new twist. Maybe you’d rather serve it alongside your favorite breads and stews for a flavor rush. In addition, you can add it to some trusted recipes. Here are just a few suggestions on how to spice up the meals you already love.

1. Sprinkle some harissa in your meat when you are making burgers. In addition, you can add it to many condiments to give them some zest. For instance, add it to mayonnaise or ketchup.

2. Prepare veggies for roasting by tossing them in some harissa beforehand. It is good on many veggies, but particularly on sweet varieties such as carrots and squash.

3. Add some kick and spice to your salad by throwing in some harissa. It pairs nicely with dressings that are lemony.

4. Another way to add spice to your meals is by adding harissa to meat rubs. Lamb, pork or chicken can gain a flavor boost from this addition.

5. Another idea is to mix harissa in your yogurt. Then use it for a special hot and cold sauce for your grilled meats.

6. Do you like spicy chicken wings? If you do, then harissa is the perfect addition for you.

7. If you like Tobasco on your eggs, add more complexity to the flavor by using harissa next time.

8. And finally, use it on pasta dishes. Simply add it to your favorite pasta sauce and enjoy!

So, now you have some ideas and a good idea of where to start adding harissa powder into your daily meals. Seems like you are ready to try it in your favorite dishes today!

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