Sriracha Powder Seasonings

Sriracha Seasonings

 Add Spice with Sriracha Powder

Magic Plant Farms has its own unique blend of peppers and spice in their Sriracha powder line. Sriracha is probably one of the new favorites among pepper spices. First, it all starts with freshly harvested red chili peppers. Then, these fresh peppers are complimented with spices and flavors like garlic, vinegar, salt, and sugar. Finally, you have the perfect combination to add the traditional sriracha flavor to your foods. Just choose the kind of heat and flavor you want to add, then sprinkle and enjoy! There are many ways to use Magic Plant Farms Sriracha powder to spruce up your favorite foods.

Reasons to keep the Sriracha Shaker on Your Table

Sriracha powder is as easy to use on your favorite dishes as salt and pepper. Above all, it adds lots more flavor. Use it to shake a little spice on all your favorite dishes from stews and soups to meats and salads. Just a little sprinkle can upgrade any of your main courses or sides. Additionally, it sprinkles well on fresh vegetable salads, or on pasta salads. You can also sprinkle it on cooked vegetable dishes. Top off any casserole with a dash of flavor.

Use it on Baked Favorites

Sriracha Dust Line

Sriracha Powders

If you like to make baked potato fries, you’ll love the added flavor and spice sriracha brings to the final product. Start the baked fries by first cutting up the potatoes and then mixing them to coat them with olive oil and a spice blend. After the fries are coated well, bake them in an oven for a quick family favorite side or snack. Sriracha powder adds some spice to the mix and makes a delicious fry. Before you bake that next casserole for your family, add some Sriracha powder for a little more spice. Do you marinate chicken or other meats before baking? Add some of the tasty powder to the marinade for a spicy delight. If you want your friends and neighbors to come back for your next barbeque, just add Sriracha powder to your BBQ sauce before your next cookout. You’ll have them coming back for more!

Sriracha Powder – a Snack Enhancer

Finally, you can give your snacks a quick picker-upper with a few shakes of the sriracha spice jar. The powder is easy to sprinkle on popcorn, chips or other crunchy snacks. Also, add it to all your favorite sauces and dips. Want to add a little kick to your ketchup? Sriracha powder is just the ticket. Mix it in with a spicy cracker or Chex mixes to add a flavor pick-me-up to some of your old favorites.


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