Carolina Reaper Hot SauceMake and Bottle Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce in Your Own Kitchen

Hot sauce lovers usually conduct numerous experiments on their own to find the perfect Carolina reaper hot sauce. Each person has their own taste and heat preferences and sometimes it takes a few tries to get a sauce just like you want it. Once you figure out which ingredients you like to include, and tweak your recipe until it is just right, you are more serious about how you are going to bottle the sauce. Carolina reaper sauce is going to naturally be hot and you’ll want to preserve the tasty goodness to use for quite a while.  You may choose to hot pack your hot sauce, or you might want to use traditional canning for preserving them.

Using the Hot Pack Method for your Carolina Hot Sauce

You will want to use high-quality glass bottles or jars to store your hot sauce in. First, you will need to prepare your bottles by sanitizing them. Put the empty bottles in a pot of water and bring the water to a boil. Boil the water for 5 minutes while the jars are still in it. Then you can turn off the heat and take the bottles out using a set of tongs.

After you sanitize the jars, fill them with your prepared  Carolina Reaper hot sauce, or any type of hot pepper sauce. Make sure your sauce is hot before you pack it in the jars. Once you’ve filled the jars, screw the lid on tightly then turn it upside down. This will sanitize the lid and get it hot so it will form a seal. Place the appropriate cap on the bottle and screw it on tightly. Just to be safe, your Carolina Reaper hot sauce should be stored in the fridge.

Traditional Canning Method

Carolina Reaper Canning is effective for storing food safely. Carolina Reaper hot sauce is acidic and shelf-stable after canning. Use thicker jars for canning your sauce. Mason or Ball jars are the best quality and can stand up to the heat and pressure used in the canning process.

Prepare your hot sauce recipe as desired and pack it into the jars. You can pack it hot, or cold. However, if you pack it cold, it will take a lot longer for the canner to reach the desired temperature for canning. Look at the instructions that came with your canner. Find the pounds of pressure needed for canning hot sauce. Then find how long the cans need to be pressurized to preserve the sauce. Allow the canner to cool off and carefully remove the hot jars. Once the seals pop, your sauce is preserved and saved for later use.

How long will the sauce last?

Hot sauce canned in sealed jars is going to have the longest shelf life. Hot sauce improves as it ages and the flavor will become more pronounced the longer it sits. Observe safe handling and storing guidelines. This ensures your Carolina hot sauce is stored safely until it is ready to be used.

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